17.02.2018 Chaos Blast Meeting

München, Hansa39 Feierwerk with: Antropomorphia, Graveyard, Arroganz, Obscure Infinity, Nekrovault


Fear The Black Death mini-tour with II

21.02.2018 Freihafen, Göttingen, Germany

22.02.2018 Cafe Elpee, Deinze, Belgium

23.02.2018 MTS Records, Oldenburg, Germany with: Graveyard Ghoul

24.02.2018 Rostock, Bunker with: II, Narvik, Maggots

25.02.2018 tba


10.03.2018 Hellfest Meissen

Meissen with Bodyfarm, Dysangelium, Musical Massacre


17.03.2018 Franconian Metal Party

Nürnberg, Z-Bau with: Wound, The Negative Bias


European tour with Prison Of Mirrors

20.04.2018 - 28.04.2018


12.07.-14.07.2018 In Flammen Open Air

Torgau, Entenfang with: Venenum, Cannibal Corpse, Napalm Death, I Am Morbid, Candlemass, Taake, Bölzer, Attic, Necrowretch, Mosaic, Pillorian, Hate, Vredehammer, Nervosa, more


27.-28.07.2018 Masters Of The Unicorn Festival

Burgwald/Ernsthausen, Vogelwiese with: Graveyard Ghoul, Gruesome, Implore, Deathrite, Revel In Flesh, Sabiendas, Abomination, Demonbreed, more


17.11.2018 Piece Of Loin Festival

Reutlingen, Kulturschock Zelle with: Asphyx, Casket, Organism, Torment Of Souls, Mass Casualty Incident,

Deadfreight of Soul







09.-10.02.2018 A Sinister Purpose Festival

Leipzig, UT Connewitz with: Degial, Venenum, II, Orae, Werian, Abyssous, Purgatory, Evil Warriors, Slægt,

Malokarpatan, Maggot Heart


Wien, Viper Room with: Mosaic, Theotoxin, The Negative Bias


Pfarrkirchen, Bogaloo with: Mosaic, Vivus Humare, Zeit


Aalen, Rock It with: Revel in Flesh, Incarceration, Disgusting Perversion


Neu Amspach, Juz Alt Anspach with: Insulter, Witchfucker


Würzburg, Immerhin with: Arroganz, Implore, Gadget


Ulm, Cat with: Arroganz, Sacroscum


Chemnitz, Nikola Tesla with: Arroganz, JT Ripper


Bielefeld, JZ Stricker with: Nightsblood, Rekrucifixion, Mortal's Path


Hamburg, Bambi Galore with: Skogen, Hallig, Totenwache

23.09.2017 NRW Deathfest

Wermelskirchen, AJZ Bahndamm with: Abythic, Anam, Brodequin, Funeral Whore, Hacavitz, Nunwhorecommando666, Sarinvomit, Blaspherian, Engulfed, Incarceration, Jupiterian, Behold, Stheno, tba

01.-02.09.2017 Morbid Catacombs Festival

Berlin, with: Evil Warriors, II, The Fog, Cadaveric Fumes,, Reptilian, Abyssous,

Necrowretch, Corpsessed, Interment, Volcanic, Inculter


Fürth, Kopf und Kragen with: Casket, Maligno, Hirntod


Fulda, Cafe Panama with: Depravation, II

03.06.2017 Revolution Festival

Timisoara, Romania, Xtreme Zone with: G.B.H., Angerseed, Archeonic, Dead Joker, Nest of Plagues, more

12.05.2017 Party San Warm Up

Weimar, Kasseturm with: Orae, Werian


Essen, Turock with Inquisition, Goat Torment

31.03.2017 Braincrusher in Hell Festival

Hirschaid, Jahnhalle with Venenum, Cruciamentum, Purgatory, Reveal

18.03.2017 Unholy Metal Mayhem Festival

Oberhausen, Helvete with Ungod, Venenum, Eurynomos, Ungod, Horns of Domination, Vulture,

Nuctemeron, Nocturnal

13.01.2017 Nuremberg, Projekt31 with Graveyard Ghoul, Morbid Panzer

14.01.2017 Roeselare/ Belgium, De Verlichte Geest with Graveyard Ghoul, Morbid Panzer

16.01.2017 Berlin, Tommyhaus with Graveyard Ghoul, Morbid Panzer

17.01.2017 Göttingen, EinsB/Freihafen with Graveyard Ghoul, Morbid Panzer

18.01.2017 Oldenburg, MTS Store with Graveyard Ghoul, Morbid Panzer

19.01.2017 Wolfsburg, Jugendhaus OST with Graveyard Ghoul, Morbid Panzer

20.01.2017 Hamburg, Alte Druckerei with Graveyard Ghoul, Morbid Panzer

21.01.2107 Helsingborg/ Sweden, KKSB Club with Graveyard Ghoul, Morbid Panzer

22.01.2017 Kopenhagen/ Denmark, Dödsmasinen with Graveyard Ghoul, Morbid Panzer

26.10.2016 Nuremberg, Kunstverein with Dead Congregation, Incarceration

30.09.2016 Berlin, Kastanienkeller with Insulter, Expulsed Angel